Usefull Tips



It is invoking a special protective and durable film, therefore it is necessary to avoid using abrasives or solvents (acetone, tricroloroetilene ammonia) that will hurt. Use a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Aluminium Frames

Cleaning with a soft cloth liquid detergent, rinse thoroughly with a dry cloth, never use abrasive products.


Breaking the detachment is due mainly to heat the oven to vapors produced by the dishwasher. The company uses IN STYLE for the welding of the edges on furniture German adhesives polyurethane is highly resistant to heat and moisture. However, open the dishwasher only when it is cold and dry.


The hinges in kitchen furniture to function properly for a longer time to close the door to fully implement the antics to avoid placing boxes or bottles of detergents and other chemicals double joints, it may result in corrosion over time.

Work Bench

Laminate, should be cleaned with a damp sponge and a regular liquid detergent. Avoid using highly abrasive products. We do not use steam devices. Stainless steel benches tend to be painted limestone water, but today there are certain products that remove stains easily. Moreover, we do not use detergents or detergent based chloride prepared from compounds and abrasive products (creams, powder detergents, metal sponges, etc.), since the steel can be scratched easily.


Clean with a damp cloth or detergent to wash surfaces must not contain abrasives or solvents on alcohol.

Wood Surfaces

Gently clean with a damp and dry cloth. Do not use the detergent spray that can destroy the brightness of the varnish.

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