The benches are Corian innovation through beauty, color and depth, but above all is inspiration. A material with no joints that can transform any space either inside or outside, through endless possibilities. Corian benches bring personality to almost any type of environment, strengthen and facilitate the lives of those who use and enjoy its unique qualities.Applied on anything at any place for any purpose and in a broad color palette offer freedom to those who want to design, explore and create. Long-term, healthy, durable and elegant, benches Coria have a three-dimensional application is free and inventive artistic minds for over 40 years.


The benches lining Technogranite kitchen (quartz) is not only fashionable but undoubtedly steal the show in every kitchen. Resistant to everyday activities like cooking stains scratches etc. A kitchen bench Technogranite easy to clean, resists cracking and cracking and has zero absorbance. Available in various colors.


The benches made ​​of bakelite (laminate-duropal) is a material that offers low-cost display. The benches made ​​of bakelite (laminate-duropal) is made ​​of waterproof eco moriosan? Ida and coated with bakelite sheet which gives us look we want. The benches made ​​of bakelite (laminate-dyropal) are available in many colors and give us the appearance of wood, stone, granite, corian.All benches made ​​of bakelite (laminate-duropal) is very resistant to scratches and heat (up to 180 degrees) and the appropriate care for the lifespan can reach fifteen to twenty years. The benches made ​​of bakelite (laminate-duropal) are available in three different heights "3 cm, 4 cm and 6 cm."

Laminate Floors

Synthetic laminate flooring hypoallergenic suitable for indoors and manufactured in Europe with the strictest safety standards of hygiene and durability. The series laminate is a great variety of colors and designs, are very resistant to stains on the material damage and fading. Get this luxury for your office, shop or home!

WPC Floors

The WPC is a synthetic floor (deck) outdoors and consists of 70% wood and 30% polyethylene. Used in swimming pools, terraces, gardens, fences, marinas etc. to 10 years only guarantee that the WPC will not be affected by insects / beetle, will not crack, splinter will not show, will not rot.

It is a high technology product offers significant advantages:

  • Duplex
  • Long life
  • Almost no moisture absorption
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easy and quick installation
  • 100% recyclable
  • Resistance to rot and pests
  • Dimensional stability
  • Looks and feels wood
  • Production in every shape, size and color
  • It can be screwed, nailed, to plane and cut like wood




Kitchen design

Designing a kitchen is the most important part of our house is the place we spend most hours of the day and should maintain inviolate rules not only functional but also aesthetically. A kitchen with ergonomic design facilitates movement of the housewife and solves the basic problems of storage of countries with particular reference to the decorations of. The style and the style of a kitchen should always follow the decoration of the other countries just to be in harmony with the style of home decor. In many cases the design of kitchen furniture by inexperienced designers are motivated to sell so we end up not having the style and taste and style suits us.

Useful information you should know

  • To get a complete picture should have done market research before deciding on the kitchen, closet, office or any renovation wooden construction you.
  • Please request a written offer and includes details (material, origin, size, delivery time).
  • You should also know the security provided by the manufacturer and which parts to include in the kitchen closet.
  • If materials are conventional or ecological.
  • If the company has been specializing in wood kitchens, wardrobes furniture, store renovations and whether the executives have the expertise.
  • It is best to gather as much information as you can about the history of the company and its solvency.
  • You should also know if the company will undertake the construction of your kitchen, closet, furniture or in your shop to have the appropriate spare parts and accessories in stock for future service.
  • Very important is the proper placement and adjustment of any wooden structure your site so you should be done by highly trained crew.
  • Do not ever ask for current price or square meter price but the full kitchen cabinet, furniture manufacturing shop or given over to your place. The value of the current meter or square usually do not include many things and given misleading picture of the customer.

Granite surfaces

Technogranite or Artificial Granite is a synthetic quartz rock used as decorative material. Technogranitis is made with the same materials as the technology, that is to say, a colored polyester reinforced mortar. It has a high hardness and is very durable, with minimal absorption, and does not require the maintenance of a natural material. In relation to artificial marble it is produced in plates of specific dimensions, not in volumes and in a wide variety of colors. It is used in buildings mainly in wall lining, in kitchens, and fireplaces.

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